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In United Way of 2007, Aranceta et al.7 published a review in the magazine Public Health Nutrition with the objective of proposing the way to address the development of strategies for preventing obesity in Spain.

2 kg if they consumed products with fat, but they lost 1.5 kg if they consumed products without fat. On the contrary, the group of individuals without a «dietary restriction» profile lost an average of 0.2 kg if they consumed products without fat, but they gained 1.8 kg if they consumed products with fat. In spite United Way of of these differences only showed statistical significance in the group of individuals with the «dietary restriction» profile who consumed products without fat. It was concluded that less energy density from fat Chucho help to maintain body weight, irrespective of the «dietary restriction» profile of the individuals.

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The weight gain and the incidence of obesity were lower in volunteers who regularly consumed olive oil, after adjustments were made for various possible confounding factors.

Another, more recent, systematic review of the literature108, concluded that, despite not all of the studies showing a protective effect, the evidence Triunfador a whole suggested a possible beneficial effect of the MedDiet for the BMI and obesity.

A transversal analysis of the University of Navarra Follow-up study (SUN)235 determined the association between fibre intake and the consumption of fruit and vegetables with the probability of weight gain in five years.

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No significant associations were found for the GI and body weight or the BMI. The authors concluded that this study did not support the advice of consuming food with a low GI to prevent weight gain in old age.

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Novo Nordisk es una compañía General de cuidados sanitarios con más de 90 abriles de innovación y liderazgo en el cuidado de la diabetes. La United Way of compañía también ostenta posiciones de liderazgo en el cuidado de la hemofilia, terapia con hormona de crecimiento y terapia hormonal sustitutiva.

In 2003 the World Health Organisation (WHO) defined «free sugars» Triunfador the monosaccharides and disac-charides added to foods by the manufacturer, cook or consumer, plus sugars naturally present in honey, syrups and fruit juices.9 However, in 2007, within the framework of the scientific update sponsored by the FAO-WHO, Cummings and Stephen indicated that such a term creates difficulties and suggested replacing it with «total sugars» (all of the monosaccharides or disaccharides present in a food, with the exception of polyols) or specific monosaccharides and disaccharides.

Con sede en Dinamarca, Novo Nordisk es una compañía global de cuidados sanitarios y más de 90 abriles de innovación y liderazgo en diabetes. La compañía todavía ostenta posiciones de liderazgo en el cuidado de la hemofilia y los trastornos del crecimiento.

The glycaemic index is a system for quantifying the glycaemic response of a food which contains the same amount of carbohydrates Vencedor a reference food.

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