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15. A restriction of the intake of meat and processed meat products might prevent the body weight gain due to this creador (Recommendation Degree C).

Three bodies of research have only studied changes through the ventral circumference. Koh-Banerjee et al.187 did not find a significant association between the total consumption of vino and the gain in waist circumference during a nine year follow-up of participants of the Health Professionals Follow-up Study (1986).

A high intake of dietary fibre is associated with numerous health benefits.224 However, the average total consumption of DF in Spanish homes225 has been found to be far below the dietary reference intakes.226

Generally speaking, there was a higher energy intake when larger rations were served than when smaller rations were served.

Con lo previo reiteramos que el uso del IMC como única herramienta para emitir un dictamen nutricional resulta impreciso y poco útil, ya que el peso corporal no es fidedigno por la retención hídrica y Adicionalmente no se consideran variables de composición corporal ni dietéticas, que pueden reflejar con veterano precisión alteraciones en el estado nutricional.

In order to obtain an overall perspective and define the key areas associated with the prevention of obesity in adults through diet, there has been a review of guidelines, consensuses, strategies, publications and relevant documentary sources on the issue before deciding on the questions to address in this document (see methodology section).

Se recomienda que en personas que presentan alguna enfermedad crónica, problemas renales, cardiacos, diabéticos, hipertensos, o con algún padecimiento importante lo consulte con su médico antaño de iniciar a tomar algún complemento alimenticio.

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Los pacientes con cirrosis hepática (CH) frecuentemente desarrollan resistencia a la insulina, lo cual afecta la captación de glucosa en las células musculares y disminuye las reservas de glucógeno. incluso presentan un patrón de consumo energético estropeado, en el cual ocurre una transición rápida del uso de hidratos de carbono al de lípidos como sustrato energético para el transformación.

The reason for excluding these patients was the impact of their disease or therapeutical procedure on their biochemical and immune parameters, which could introduce biasing in the initial validation of the screening tool that we present in this study37. In the same way, patients with dementia or low consciousness levels, who were impossible to test for the nutritional evaluation using control methods (SGA and FNA), were also excluded.

Campeón detailed by Romaguera et al.106 the differences observed in the aforementioned studies could be attributed to the use of different markers to define the MedDiet, to the use of different confounding factors in the statistical models, to the use of underestimations, the size of the sample, or the lack of homogenisation in the dietary pattern of the volunteers.

2. Strategies should be implemented which render possible food availability and access to healthy food, particularly fruit and vegetables, so Ganador to generate favourable environments for maintaining a healthy population mean BMI (Recommendation Degree A).

Although the health benefits of nuts are beyond doubt, doubts have emerged about promoting their consumption Triunfador there are concerns that they may generate undesired increases in the BMI because of their energy and fat content, which is higher than in other plant based foods.

Trans fatty acids (TFA) are monounsaturated and polyunsaturated fatty acids which contain at least one double bond in the trans configuration. This configuration can be the result of a microbial fermentation process in the rumen of ruminants (which leads to the presence of TFA in dairy products and in their meat) and through certain hydrogenation processes carried pasado by some segments of the food industry.

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