Endo Pharmaceuticals D HatchWaxman Cambio solución de caso

Emotion regulation of neuroticism: emotional information processing related to psychosomatic state evaluated by electroencephalography and exact low-resolution brain electromagnetic tomography.

Relative fascicle excursion effects on dynamic strength generation during gait in children with cerebral palsy

Concrete lining of the core-foundation interface to prevent internal erosion: An efficiency assessment

System reliability analysis of layered soil slopes using fully specified slip surfaces and genetic algorithms

Comparison between criteria for selecting Endo Pharmaceuticals D HatchWaxman Cambio the parameters of hysteretic energy dissipators for seismic protection of steel building structures

Sophisticated security verification on routing repaired balanced cell-based dual-rail logic against side channel analysis

La posición fetal intrauterina afecta al expansión de las estructuras feto-placentarias de la coneja

A design for rapid transit networks considering rolling stock’s reliability and redistribution of services during disruptions

A model for the simulation of energy gains when using distributed maximum power point tracking (DMPPT) in photovoltaic arrays

Supervised physical exercise improves VO2max, quality of life, and health in early stage breast cancer patients: a randomized controlled trial

The deferral option in the collective dismissal procedure. La opción de aplazamiento en los expedientes de regulación de empleo.

intención de la mezcla de lotes y del ayuno pre-sacrificio sobre el bienestar animal de la trucha arcoriris

Performance evaluation of an AODV-based routing protocol implementation by using a novel in-field WSN diagnosis tool

ITS para la mejoría de la seguridad vial: aplicaciones más viables y eficientes en dirección de carreteras

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