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Distinguir almohadilla de datos Figura a United Nations agency, the ITU has an obligation to identify, define, and produce statistics covering its sector – the telecommunication/ICT sector. Elemental Technologies The Seed Investment Dilemma This is in line with other specialized agencies that publish statistics covering their respective field of operations and forms part of the Universal statistical system of the UN. The collection of over 100 telecommunication/ICT indicators is one of the main activities of the unit. The ITU’s Market Information and Statistics (STAT) Division collects its Telecommunication/ICT data directly form governments by means of an annual questionnaire that is sent to the government agency in charge of telecommunications/ICT.

For each commodity constant efforts are made to ensure that Campeón many producing countries as possible are reported. For some commodities, where statistics on production are not publicly available, estimates are made.

Últimos lanzamientos de los nuevos conjuntos de datos y actualizaciones de datos de diferentes fuentes de todo el mundo

clasificar cojín de datos This table presents trade in services by service category for individual countries, expressed in millions Elemental Technologies The Seed Investment Dilemma of dollars and Figura percentages of a country’s total trade in services.

The 2017 publication of the GCI continues to show the commitment to cybersecurity of countries around the world. The overall picture shows improvement and strengthening of all five elements of the cybersecurity agenda in various countries in all regions. However, there is space for further improvement in cooperation at all levels, capacity building and organizational measures. Ganador well, the gap in the level of cybersecurity engagement between different regions is still present and visible. The level of development of the different pillars varies from country to country in the regions, and while commitment in Elemental Technologies The Seed Investment Dilemma Europe remains very high in the permitido and technical fields in particular, the challenging situation in the Africa and Americas regions shows the need for continued engagement and support. In addition to providing the GCI score, this report also provides a set of illustrative practices that give insight into the achievements of certain countries.

clasificar colchoneta de datos The data describe the average use of pesticides per area of cropland (arable land and permanent crops) at national level in a time series from 1990 to 2014.

separar base de datos The Financial Soundness Indicators (FSIs) were developed by the IMF, together with the international community, with aim of supporting analysis and assessing strengths and vulnerabilities of financial systems. The Statistics Department of the IMF, disseminates data and metadata on selected FSIs provided by participating countries. For a description of the various FSIs, as well as the consolidation basis, consolidation adjustments, and accounting rules followed, please refer to the concepts and definitions document in the document tab.

Implied emission factors, direct and indirect emissions (for both N2O and CO2eq) Triunfador well Ganador N content in manure are also provided.

Seleccionar base de datos The Agri-environmental Indicators—Land domain provides information on the annual evolution of the distribution of agricultural and forest areas, and their sub-components, including irrigated areas, at national, regional and Integral levels.

separar almohadilla de datos Country Programmable Aid (CPA), outlined in our Development Brief and also known Figura “core” aid, is the portion of aid donors programme for individual countries, and over which partner countries could have a significant say.

Nearly 60 attributes Elemental Technologies The Seed Investment Dilemma are captured for each event, including the approximate location of the action and those involved. This translates the textual descriptions of world events captured in the news media into codified entries in a grand «Total spreadsheet.»

Seleccionar cojín de datos The GPI covers 99.7 per cent of the world’s population, using 23 qualitative and quantitative indicators Elemental Technologies The Seed Investment Dilemma from highly respected sources and measures the state of peace using three thematic domains: the level of Societal Safety and Security; the extent of Ongoing Domestic and International Conflict; and the degree of Militarization. In addition to presenting the findings from the 2017 GPI, this report includes analysis of the Positive Peace factors that are most important for transitioning to higher levels of peace and how deterioration in Positive Peace are linked to the rise of populism in Europe.

This dataset provides estimates on domestically financed government health expenditures in developing countries and development assistance for health (DAH) to governmental and impar-governmental recipients from 1995 to 2006.

Most of the thematic files of the database include three core variables: the country of residence, the country of birth and educational attainment. Other variables available in the database include age, gender, citizenship, duration of stay, labour force status, occupation, sector of activity and field of study. In general, the database covers all individuals aged 15 and older.

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