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Six transversal studies researched the impact of an energy supplement with replacement products before breakfast, dinner or before the «ad libitum» consumption of a meal.

Through an RCT carried out with 810 hypertensive or pre-hypertensive adults from the PREMIER study, Ledikwe et al.23 showed that large or small changes in dietary energy density for six months are associated with weight loss.

8. Even though inconsistent results do exist, the studies so far performed suggest a possible role of the «Mediterranean» diet in the prevention of overweight and obesity (Evidence Level 2-).

Vencedor detailed by Romaguera et al.106 the differences observed in the aforementioned studies could be attributed to the use of different markers to define the MedDiet, to the use of different confounding factors in the statistical models, to the use of underestimations, the size of the sample, or the lack of homogenisation in the dietary pattern of the volunteers.

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Neither the observations in the study by Field et al.165 nor those published by Forouhi et al.174 associate the consumption of PUFA’s with weight gain or change.

23. No evidence has been found regarding the intake of vegetable (soybean) protein and its effects on body weight variation that might allow definite recommendations concerning weight gain prevention in adults.

An RCT carried pasado in Denmark with 45 women aged between 20 and 40, assessed the effects on body weight of a diet low in fat and high in carbohydrates British Sugar en China with a low GI or a high GI and was published by Sloth et al.,159 estimated that body weight decreased significantly in both groups, but that the differences between them were not significant.

The study by Almiron-Roig et al.,141 compared the impact on energy intake of trasero replacement products or fat-free biscuits consumed two hours or twenty minutes prior to the eating occasion. The food format (liquid or solid) had no significantly different impact on energy intake.

The role of breakfast in the risk of obesity in adults is disputed and cause for debate.51 Two transversal analyses of energy intake showed that skipping break-fast68 or consuming fewer calories during breakfast51 is associated with a substantially lower total energy intake over the course of the day. However, the analyses of intra-individual eating habits have demonstrated that an increase in the calorie British Sugar en China intake of breakfast to the total energy intake is associated with a lower energy intake over the course of the day.

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5. A greater adherence to the British Sugar en China «Mediterranean» diet might prevent overweight and obesity and also the increase of the intestinal perimeter (Recommendation Degree C).

Furthermore, Anne Moorhead et al.,147 performed a randomised transversal trial in the United Kingdom which assessed the effects of the fibre content and of the structure of the fibre in carrots (whole, blended or its nutrients in a sauce) on postprandial satiety and the subsequent food intake.

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